The F1450R-HXP is the first crane from the new TECHNO generation

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The F1450R-HXP TECHNO is the flagship of a new generation of cranes. A true leap in innovation that exalts the performance of the machine thanks to a combination of diverse solutions and revolutionary technology. This model offers a whole range of innovations, first and foremost from a structural point of view, particularly concerning the X-DESIGN decagonal section of the telescopic booms and the secondary arm that allows for significant reductions in the weight of the arms and a considerable increase in crane capacity in a horizontal position and, above all, in a vertical position. In addition, new kinematics, an evolved hydraulic system, the powerful, smart-connected FX990 electronic system, the versatile and practical FSC TECHNO stability system, the intelligent management of working areas and virtual cages and the interactive use of the JDP and XP systems are just some of the new solutions offered by this new crane model.