F345B - RB


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FX500 control unit
D850 digital distributor bank
RCH/RCS radio remote control unit
ADC automatic dynamic controlflow sharing
CHARACTERISTICS:Dynamic version (.2): with linkage
XP deviceProlink system with double linkage
continuous rotation on a slew ring

Annen beskrivelse:

Dette er en ny og lettere modell av forgjengeren F345RA.2. Den har nytt design på bom, og er lettere i den lengste utgaven. Dette kommer til å bli en svært populær modell i fremtiden.

BASE - Base with slots for tie rod fastening or for integrated counter frame allowing limitation offitting height.

BOOMS GUIDE - Adjustable boom section guides shoes. Made to allow micrometric adjustment in order to reduce vertical and lateral play. They allow adjustments to be made, guaranteeing long-lasting efficiency. They are made from reduced-frictionmaterials that require little greasing.

TANK - Plastic tank, particularly resistant to shocksand the corrosive action of any external element.

OUTRIGGER - Hydraulically extendable outriggers also in “Extra wide” and “Super Extra wide” execution, with hoses fitted inside the stabiliser supports (standard only on dynamic crane version).Independent hydraulic distributor for the control of the outriggers; it can be also activated by radio control (option). Available as option manual or hydraulic tiltable outriggers.

VERSION C - Crane version with a shorter secondary arm, to allow a greater height of under-hook lifting. Offers the possibility to lift especially bulky and heavy loads vertically, near the column of the crane. Automatic hooking system for the positionning of the extension booms in transport position when crane is folded behind cab.